03.10 St. Marks & St. James

Our second event in March was organized by Jim and Darlene and was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Jim is an accomplished organist and Darlene is an accomplished oboe player. Fifteen of us were treated to two private tours of church organs at St. James and St. Marks cathedrals in downtown Seattle.  Jim and Darlene performed a private concert for us and we got to get up close to the instruments. We were so close to the pipes you could feel the vibrations in the air. We can’t stress enough how COOL this tour was! Thanks to Jim and Darlene for opening their world to us! The pictures truly do not do the event justice.

Our third event for the month was a dinner and some pool at places in downtown Seattle. Just four of us attended and we learned that at little more advance planning was needed to avoid the masses of downtown Seattle. Fun was had by all and we continued to build friendships.