05.21 3rd WWR

14 Brave souls donned an extra layer of polypropylene clothing, a wetsuit with booties, helmet, and life vests. We rode the yellow school bus to the drop in point. Got our safety briefing and basic paddling instructions. The air temperature was in the mid 60s and the water temperature a balmy 36 degrees.

We rode rapids called the Poop Shoot, several others before getting to the big one Granny’s Panties. Granny’s Panties slapped those in front with multiple face filled dousing that chilled you right down to own panties. I heard wails from behind me which let me know those in the back got a soaking too.

The rest of the weekend was filled with good food, great conversations, amazing friends! All there willing to freeze their butt and prove PD won’t stop us. Our 3rd white water rafting on the Wenatchee is now in the books. What to do next year to get our dopamine pumping?