07.16 Bridal Veil Falls

On a cool cloudy Saturday Morning, a group of our PD family missed an exit from too much chatting. Then missed an exit because of construction. Then forgot an address and drove around in circles on Capitol Hill. Arriving in Skykomish 20 minutes late. We made an attempt at climbing the forest roads to the trail head. A narrow section of forest road with a sheer cliff raised anxiety in some and we went to plan B. 7 of the 11 RSVPs hiked the 5-mile RT hike up to Bridal Veil Falls and had a great day. 4 in our group made it past that nerve wrecking spot to hike the intended trail to Eagle Lake. So, technically, we had our 2nd time with 2 events in 1 day! Win Win for everyone that made it. Special thanks to Bret for welcoming a few new members to our PD family.