07.23 3rd Kayaking at Elliott Bay Marina

25 people enjoyed a lovely brunch and beautiful views of Elliott Bay at Maggie’s Cafe. We met new friends, saw old friends, and chatted with Jean & Jen, 2 of the ladies at APDA NW. After our meals the group took to the water in kayaks and paddled around the bay. The waters were calm and baby seals rested on the rocks. Lulu came close to taking a swim getting into her kayak. But was saved from a plunge by people assisting with launches on both sides of her. Amy tried to do 1 better by dipping her butt in the water while trying to get out of the kayak. 
Thanks go out to the APDA NW for sponsoring our 3rd trip and to the Marina/Cafe staff for taking such good care of us. Also, to Jeanette and Troy for being our ‘On the Water Safety’ team
Extra gratitude to Amy and all the people that gave me the kind words and “Be Kind, Ben’s Bells Gift. Your messages brought tears to my eyes more than once. I created this group out of the desire to see others my age and am truly blessed to have you all in my PD Family!