09.29 Lime Kiln Trail

In September we had two events. Early in the month, 12 of us went to Novel Tree Medical in Bellevue and learned about the benefits of CBD oil. The staff there are very knowledgeable about the variety of PD symptoms and how the products of the industry can help us alleviate our most aggravating conditions. If you’ve never inquired about CBD oil, search them out. Novel Tree Medical is the only business in the state of Washington dedicated solely to the medical marijuana side of PD treatment.

Also in September, 10 of us were back in the woods, this time on the historic Lime Kiln hike outside of Granite Falls. The hike was GREAT! The forest was heavily covered with moss. We lunched on the rocks along a river. Brian says: My back was bothering me that day so I shuffled along in the back of the group, but the important thing was I got out there and didn’t let my ailment hold me back. So much of dealing with PD is putting those negative thoughts aside and just keeping going.