September 25th, BYSC 9am at The Parkinson’s Fitness Project 106 Lakeside Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 office

The sign up period is now closed. 7 brave souls have signed up to BEAT YOUR SYMPTOMS CHALLANGE. Because of the indoor mask mandate only participants and 1 guest will be allowed inside TPFP facility.

This is a triathlon for people with Parkinson’s. Hosted by Nate Coomer’s team at The Parkinson’s Fitness Project.

Consisting of 3, 30-minute periods of exercises targeted to improve function in Cardio, Strength, and Amplitude & Cognitive. A set-your-own-goal endurance challenge, NOT a race or competition.

A Survey Monkey questionnaire has list of exercises to pick from. Here’s Brian’s goals for example.

Cardio: On a stationary bike I can ride 8 miles in 30 minutes in May. My goal is to improve to 9 miles

Strength: I’ve picked a group of 5 exercises to be done in rotation. Planking, Sit Ups, Mountain Climbers, Push ups and Step ups. In June I can do 3 sets of of these before needing a break. My goal is to do 6 sets in 30 minutes.

Amplitude & Cognitive: Nate’s team will led us in a series of range of motion and brain teaser exercises.

If over time you feel the need to adjust these goals (up or down), you can.

We all have been told that exercise and eating right is the #1 thing we can do to ease our symptoms. I struggle with the slow movements, dizziness, muscle cramping, and maintaining a positive attitude. These symptoms always feel less prominent when I exercise vigorously on a regular basis.

Safety is IMPORTANT! If during any of the exercises you need to catch your breath, shake out a cramp or stop to hold on to something for a few seconds, you will be able to. There will be trained professionals on hand. The idea is to take a break when you need to then head up and KEEP GOING!

There is a $20 registration fee to help cover costs of the event and provide each participant with a highly prized 1st Annual event T-shirt. SEAYOPD & TPFP has a liability waiver we’ll all need to sign.

Still Reading! Ready to start kicking those pesky symptoms. GREAT!

Then follow the 3 easy steps below.

Step 1: Commit to a healthy way of living, so you can keep on living a healthy lifestyle with PD longer. Begin to treat yourself to a reduction in symptoms through movement & exercise on a daily basis.

Step 2: Set your initial goals by answering Survey Monkey questionnaire

Step 3: Show up at TPFP Leschi offices on the day and prove to yourself that even with YOPD you CAN live a high-quality, physically active life for years to come!