04.18 Lord Hill Park

On a beautifully sunny warm April day, as we began to emerge from the pandemic, 12 people, most fully vaccinated and all with at least 1 shot, took to the forest for just under 6 miles. We weaved our way through some amazing PNW moss-covered trees. We chatted with our PD family as we soaked up nature’s energy all around us. After 1 loop to not much of a view point, a few members headed back to civilization. The remaining 7 did another loop and found a small shaded spot to view a lake. The sun shimmered off the still water, reflecting up into the evergreen branches above us. We sat silently for several minutes with our snacks and thoughts. On our trek out of the park we were met by a lovely woman who let us pet her horse. Another FABULOUS outing was in the books.