07.21 1st APDA Elliott Bay Kayaking

July’s event proved to be our most popular of the year. All thanks to the kindness of Dwight Jones at APDA, 20 people were treated to breakfast and a day on the water with kayaks and paddleboards at Elliot Bay Marina. Dwight covered all the expenses and refused to even let us pick up the tip for breakfast.  When you put six people with balance issues on a HUGE paddleboard, fun was sure to be had. Luckily we didn’t dump each other into the water. A couple people weren’t so lucky.  Stephen took a couple divers on his solo paddleboard–one or two of them may have been intentional. Monica beat the odds and got the leaky kayak. She had to be rescued by our instructor. George and his kids were able to get up close to  a couple seal pups and got some awesome videos. It was an amazing time and will be an annual event