08/20 Noble Knob

We took our 4th annual trek up Noble Knob. So, it was fitting that we had 4 attendees. The walk started off cool and misty in the clouds because the trailhead is roughly at 5000′. Through a fire scorched forest reclaiming its beauty with waist high wildflowers. WE crossed the ridge line and climbed the moderately steep trail, taking ample breaks to drink water, wipe our brow and catch our breath.  As we reached the summit at 6000′, we were offered partial views of nearby Cascade Peaks and lakes. Crickets chirped in the refreshing mountain air. Several species of butterflies momentarily landed nearby. After refreshments and ample rest, it wasn’t looking like Mount Rainier was going to show itself through the clouds. Gathering our gear, we began our descent. Stopping to get some foggy photos at the knob. The trail spiraled down the hilltop and we came around the other side. Mother Nature changed her mind and the clouds cleared around the mountain and we were treated to its sparkling beauty. 
From the moment our carpool met up this 1 Saturday morning, until we parted with hugs 7 hours later the conversation flowed. We discussed a wide range of things. From a recap of a trip and hike around Mt Blanc to the finer points of medications and symptoms. It was really GREAT to be able to have the friendships, knowledge and support of others on this road.