07.24 2nd WWR Weekend

Our 2nd White Water Rafting Weekend event was in the Wenatchee area. On Friday night roughly 18 met at a local restaurant. We sat on the outdoor patio enjoying the breeze, camaraderie and conversations for close to 4 hours.

Saturday morning  the whole group of 28 paddlers gathered at River Recreation’s offices in Monitor, WA. to sign waivers, grab gear and ride the old yellow school bus to the river’s drop in point. After group photos, introductions and announcements we broke up into 4 boats. Our guides Don, Jill, Tyler and Miles went over safety and the basic oar strokes. 1st time attendees from Seattle and a troop of 6 joined us from Spokane. 2 PWP brought the kids along, making it a family fun weekend. We had founding members and several of the ‘Harris 16’ from 2019 we’re there to repeat the experience.

The day was warm and sunny, the skies clear with just a touch of smoke haze in the distance. The water was cool and refreshing. The paddling was strong and the water cannon wars were fierce. We saw ospreys, eagles, ducks and a mythical apple juice pipeline. We waved at residents that sat on the banks watching all the boats splash their way along. We got stuck on the rocks, just 2 people, from different boats, unintentionally took a splash in the river and were quickly recovered by their boat mates. These were NOT PWP. The 11 of us were all firmly holding on at key points. We were on the water for about 3.5 hours. Tired but not done for the day. 20 people changed into dry clothes and regrouped for a late lunch at a local winery. Enjoying food & drinks, forging new friendships and built on existing ones.