2019 Events

Our second year! This year the group held 16 gatherings. We took our first overnight trip when the ‘Harris 16’ went to Wenatchee in June and had a BLAST white water rafting. We also smashed our record for attendance in July when 33 people attended our second annual APDA breakfast and kayaking on Elliot Bay. A photo from this event graced the cover of the fall issue of the APDA Pathfinder! When Brian had the idea for this group, he hoped there were others out there like him: People dealing with the life we’d been dealt by looking PD straight in the eye and saying I CAN DO THIS! He says: The friends I’ve met have greatly helped me gain the confidence to keep going and not let this disease drag me down. The group has surpassed my expectations and has created a new family of people that understand, support and care for each other’s well-being.