Upcoming Events

Now that a lot of us are fully vaccinated and the CDC has ease restrictions for outdoor functions. Mask are the considerate thing to do when in close proximity to others for those not yet fully vaccinated. There’ll be masks & sanitizer on hand if needed. Both Nick & Brian are fully vaccinated.

FORESTED HIKE – June 26th @ 10am, Source Lake Trailhead – Led by Brian

This moderate hike will take us to the head waters of the Snoqualmie River. It’s 6 mile round trip with only 700′ of elevation gain and topping out at 3800′. Perfect for a warm sunny summer day. This hike is a back woods trail with rocks, roots, and other things requiring us to pick up our feet and is a GREAT way to make dopamine! Dogs are NOT allowed and the Northwest Forest Parking Pass is needed. Parking is at the Apental Ski lot. So there should be plenty of parking and I’m assuming a port-o-potty is there.

Source Lake — Washington Trails Association (wta.org)


URBAN WALK – June 26th @ 11am, Green Lake Loop Walk – Led by Nick

The first urban walk is Green Lake in Seattle. We meet at the Green Lake Boathouse (7351 E Green Lake Dr N, Seattle) on the north eastern side of the lake. Then we will walk counter-clockwise around the lake, and we end up at a cafe called Retreat (900 E Green Lake W, Seattle), which has small bites, coffee, tea, and alcohol. We can sit outside at the cafe, or we can spread out along the park’s grassy area. The loop around the lake is wide paved and level.

RSVPs – 1 (Nick)

July 24th @ 10am Wenatchee River White Water Rafting Weekend – Led by Brian

Great News!!! You can NOW purchase your rafting tickets and book reservations. We’ve set the date & have a special link just for our group to register below! The high snow fall this winter will allow good class 2 rafting longer into the season. A lot of our members have been vaccinated and are ready to get back to doing things with others.

In 2019 we did a full day white water rafting trip on the Wenatchee River. The Harris 16, as they became known, each organized their own accommodations in the Wenatchee area. We had dinner together on Friday night. Spent a GREAT day in the water on Saturday. Then gathered at 1 member’s Air BnB for more socializing and a few drinks in the evening. People came and went according to their own desires. The rafting trip itself was a lot of fun. We had easily navigable rapids followed by calm smooth stretches. A couple people choose to jump in and ride along with the current in the calm spots. We only had 1 person go overboard unintentionally and he was quickly retrieved by his boatmates. As always our events are open to our family and friends.

Our planning committee has selected River Recreation Company in the same Wenatchee/Cashmere area. A full day of Class 2+ rapids (4-5 hours on the river) Rafting trip is $79 pp +tax.

Here’s a link to the company’s home page & virus protection measures.

Whitewater Rafting | Monitor, WA | River recreation

COVID-19 Updates | River recreation

This link is to the specific WWR class 2 Trip we’re taking. Lunch is NOT provided. Be sure to read the “What’s included, What to expect and What to bring” pages. DON’T Book using this link! Just view the information on the type of trip we’re taking.

Wenatchee River Whitewater Rafting Class 2 | River Recreation

USE THIS LINK TO BOOK! It’s specific to our group’s date and time.


People that have booked reservations with River Recreation is currently at 25.

URBAN WALK – July 24th @ 11am, Carillon Point Marina – Led by Nick

The second urban walk is from Carillon Point Marina (4100 Carillon Pt) to the Kirkland Marina. We will walk there (about 30-45 minutes), get a snack and view the waterfront (great smoothies, ice cream, and macarons), then walk back to Carillon Point Marina (another 30-45 minutes). There is paid parking at Carillon.

RSVPs – 1 (Nick)

August 28th, Noble Knob Hike 10am – Led by Brian

This hike is 5 miles round trip with 950′ of elevation gain and tops out at just over 6,000′. We have done this twice before and it’s has GREAT views of Rainier and the Cascades. Check out previous visits in our photo galleries. I’m planning on a recon trip to get photos of the turn from Hwy 410 to the dirt forest road to help everyone find this final leg and critical turning point easier. From there it’s 15+ miles on a very bumpy forest road. The parking lot is small and has no real turn around. The barely 2 lane wide track just ends at a sign. It can accommodate about 10 cars and tends to be like playing Tetris to get in and out. Now that people are more vaccinated I do recommend carpooling at least from the turn off of 410 on to the dirt road or from town, if possible. As the date draws closer we’ll work out those details. This hike is a back woods trail with rocks, roots, and other things requiring us to pick up our feet and is a GREAT way to make dopamine! Dogs are allowed and the Northwest Forest Parking pass is needed. Here’s the Washington Trail Association website link for more information. There is NOT a port-o-potty at the trail head. Last one is at Wapiti Woolies on Greenwater on Hwy 410.

Noble Knob — Washington Trails Association (wta.org)